Thursday, January 7, 2010

a twig and fresh cement

in 2009 i

went halfway around the world without getting lost.
survived US.
cooked a full meal.
got sick and tired of working in restaurants.
got myself a scholarship.
found a family <3.
let go of old friends.
found a true friend in an old relationship
learnt the meaning of a true friendship.
tasted love.
worked as a Kindy teacher.
pole danced.
had my first international-skype interview.
got kicked out of a bookshop by high hippies.
snucked into bars with a korean passport.
tasted speed on a snowboarded without breaking myself.
learnt the real weisin.
tasted second hand weed.
made my mum cry.
made my parents proud.
lost myself.
had fun.
had the most humiliatingly embarrassing dance performance.
hijacked a car and made it mine.
lost 2 phones, 2 touch and go cards, and one perfectly new water bottle.
got laughed at for mistaking an auto for a manual.
spent 2010 new years in Melaka.
spent 2009 new years alone.
spent Chinese New Year away from home, and in a hospital.
learnt to love Malaysian food.
got fat-er.
got inspired.
tasted almost-freedom. for a short while.
learnt how to drink.
caught a snowflake on my tongue.
slept alot.
became unmotivated and lazy.
lived the dream.

in 2010 i will

be more environmentally friendly. (a metal spork in mah bag, and no plastic bags!)

go Meatless Mondays! and eat more healthily.

not procrastinate. or at least, procrastinate less.

stay motivated.

bring back the jist.

go on an adventure!

get better at dancing.

spread the holy name of Mei across the waters.
hahhahhahaaahhaha -.-

happy 2010 people!
may your year be as awesome as you let it to be!

hey.. better late then never right!?
thanks for actually reading my posts.
the fact that you people actually bother to read amazes me!


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

happy.pig said...

wow.. thank you.. i thought i was gettin worse at this whole blogging thing. haha

this is very encouraging.. thank u!

who;s this by the way.. navid?