Wednesday, January 20, 2010

firsts of firsts and another first

she's limping, dad say's pigeon's leg is broken. its been 2 days and she's still grounded. Uncle havent take a look at her yet, he's a vet see.

here's to hoping she takes flight soon. :)

the kindy's good, the kids says hi, if they actually know who you are! the only problem i have with working is, like all other jobs are, the boss. The boss who asks for more than what she is offering, who is giving too much extra not to mention last minute work, and the boss who is asking for too many unrecorded overtime work. the teaching is actually fun and fulfilling! but everything else that I'm not supposed to do part is a pain.

here's to hoping i can tough it out another one and a half month happily. :)

and now, for the exciting news!!

sent my resume in to 8tv a couple weeks ago to work, obviously. and i got a call. the guys goes "Hi, this is Kumar from 8tv! you sent in a job application the other day right?" I go excited. then he goes "this is not about the job" and I go, dissapointed. He asked me to be a participant on one of them wacky game shows but i was too bummed that i gave him a tentative no. I know right, I should have just say yes and go on tv!

but thats ok, cause when I figured i didnt get the job, at the most unsuspecting and expecting hour, i got a second call from 8tv, and got the interview! wentto Sri Pentas today for the very first time, registered my car, went to the lobby, up the 3rd floor, past walls and walls of 8tv posters, out to the balcony, and had my interview under the clouds.

i was sweating quite abit, not because of the nerves, but because it was so warm out. the interview went well, it was brief and casual, the lady was nice and friendly.

so for nows, I will be going for a week's unpaid training here and there and everywhere. and then they'll decide if Im cool enough to be on the team. (shhh... but we know i secretly am!)

here's to hoping I get the job! *stoked*

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