Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday night and i felt like crepe

so i made some.

homemade (burnt) chocolate chip crepes with golden honey drizzle

and this was the one that got away

see them crusty black bits? yeah those are the chocolate chips that didn't survive the heat.

i know how it looks like, but trust me, it didnt suck badly. it was good and edible!

Crepes brings back loads of childhood memories.. Mom used to make them at night for supper and i would help her in the kitchen. She'd be measuring and I'd be sieving the flour, and then we'll fry it together.. when its done and ready and its late at night, i would yell up the stairs and my brothers, sometimes dad too would come down and gobble up the fresh warm crepes while mom makes us hot milo. the best part was breakfast the next morning, I was always so excited to have crepes for breakfast from the leftover batter...

Mom stopped making these pancakes after awhile, and it was long forgotten, tucked in a little corner of my memory vault. It all came out again mid year, the week before I left US. It was the last time i had crepes, bro was in high gear and made them for breakfast. my roommates, my brother and i, yummy warm crepes in the cool cozy apartment while it snows ourside.

this time, i made the crepes independently. moms out, brother's out. but making, tasting, and thinking about crepes is just blissful nostalgia.

the next time i think about crepes, i will not only think about my yesteryears with mom, or my US bond with bro.. I'd think about my grandpa giving me a thumbs up for my first try of making crepes tonight.


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