Sunday, January 31, 2010

trippin on the beach trip

PD.12 pm and we're drinking. 7 eleven. chill. mexican food. bob marley. smokeables. fruit shop. beer. Superhuge Special Dutch Lager Beer. hot pink girl. hot family. happy annoying chinese lalas. B-2-8. the feel of sharpie on paper. feeling lazy. relax. feeling too lazy. mocktails. low tides. nilai. piggy. tanning session. no water, all we had was coke, beer, and soya bean. sea breeze in my face. obscenely huge fishes. penyu that look like a bird, birdyu. rabbits. people in blue. family gatherings. we need to crash a wedding one day. cactus virgin. your drawings. alcohol stories. rendam air. "sad dissapointing chinese girls! dress up like you're chinese!".
we never wanted to leave.

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