Monday, January 11, 2010

radioactive romance

Ms Ford came into the room, with a secret sinister smirk on her face.
"I want you guys to put all your phones on my table" she said, and then there was muffled pitter patter of feet across the carpet floor, the cold sound of metal against metal as phones departed half-heartedly from the owner's fingers.
Everyone was now seated quietly, some staring at Ms Ford with confusion, the others, at their phones. By now, Ms Ford's sinister smile was no more secretive. "I want to try this new Media Studies experiment with you guys. Tonight, I am going to take all these phones home with me. Lets try a day without using handphones shall we? And see how we turn out, it shall be quiet an experience for all you phone junkies."
A wave of objections flooded the classroom. "But miss! no! Thats my alarm clock!" "I need to call my mum to pick me up!" Everyone was upset and unwilling, I smiled. During the end of the class Ms Ford asked who was only thinking about their phone throughout the whole class, half of the class raised their hands. She smiled, and returned us our phones. Dang, I was so looking forward to the experiment!

Phone Dependency Syndrom. It might be a term i just made up, it might be called something else idontknow. But what i do know is it exists. The feeling of helplessness when your phone is out of battery or when you left it at home. You feel incomplete without your phone, like part of you is missing, like you're not wearing underwear, naked. You reach in your pockets every 5 minutes to check your phone only to be met with lint and you're restless. You can't wait to go home asap just to check your inbox. Phone Dependency Syndrom.

How pathetic is it that we are all controlled so much by a simple device. Like zombies. We worship them so much a few decades later when Iphones are super smart we might as well just bow down to them and let them be our wordly leaders.

I personally despise to be so attached and dependent on a phone. I hate having to check it every 10 minutes for new messages I hate having to have it beside me everywhere i go even when im moving between rooms at home I hate being so relient on it. So i dont. I dont really check it every 10 minutes, i dont realy carry it around when im at home. It feels inconvienient when i leave my phone at home but Im so glad that i definately dont have Phone Depencey Syndrom. Well, I probably do slightly but way less then most! In fact, i like not having my phone with me, sometimes. I remember once i left my phone in a friend's car and didnt have it with me the whole day. Gosh, for once, it felt like freedom. It was blissfully refreshing! And I miss that feeling of emancipation. (but replying all the message and missed calls was a pain though)

Sometimes i dream about living life as an Amish. Not having to depend on technology at all. Maybe thats also why i love going into the wild so much. Out there, I dont need my phone with me, i dont need the internet or my ipod. To just enjoy the bare neccessities in life. Too bad, so sad, the realities and responsibilities of life somehow made this luxury into a necessity. Miss a phone call and there goes your social and/or professional career. To me, phones (and facebook!) are like that annoying catcy tune stuck in your head. You hate the song but its too catchy or in this case too fun and convieniet to not be addicted to it!


naVid said...

i have a friend. he doesnt have a phone. i always asked him why dont u but one. now i get why !

naVid said...

but=buy !

Iman. said...

I remember that day! I actually went up to Ms Ford after class and told her to keep it till the end of the week, and she did.

I survived one week without my phone :)

happy.pig said...

iman it felt great didnt it hahah.. now try living without ya laptop! haha

navid u should really try it out hehe

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