Thursday, April 22, 2010

the problem with

gameshows is it always look so easy on tv. You know when you watch fear factor or some lame japanese or taiwanese game show you'd be like "aiya so simple also cannot do meh!"or "the answer for UFO is Undentified flying object not Universal flying object stupid!" or "omg just eat the damn thing its not disgusting at all!" and then you start kutuking the contestent for being stupid and incompetent.

please dont kutuk me when you see me on Whack It please. hahaha

you see when you're in the spotlight simple IQ questions suddenly becomes like nuclea physics or something because your mind go blank. and physical games becomes a hike up Mt. Everest when you've been shooting the whole day and you're tired as hell.

so yeah, the Whack it shooting was super fun. and tireing. and messy. but fun.

my team lost :( but its ok, coz we got some freebies too! and the best part was being able to go t through the whole thing with my colleagues although i was on the different team -.- and, I'd rather lose to my girls than some bitchy strangers.

wanna watch me embarress myself on tv wait till june please ok thank you bye.

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