Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the colours; i miss them too

seeing them again was the most sweetest, warmiest feeling today :) i almost did not want to leave.

I thought my kids would have forgotten about me by now but boy was i wrong! my little impromptu surprise at the kindy made them so excited, i miss the sound of them calling me Teacher Mei.

the girls were giggly at my sight, and kept telling me how much they miss me...
they kept asking when am i coming back to teach them.
i did not know how to answer.

Gavin, the one brattiest-ADD-back talking-intelligent-adorablely-lovable-problematic boy then i've came to have a special bond with during my 3 month tenure shut down completely. For the first time ever, he sat there quietly and ate his noodles without a single sound. he wouldnt even look at me. I guess he just didnt know how to react after not seeing me for 2 months. He even hid his face away in his arms when i sat beside to talk to him. after minutes of coaxing, the cutest thing happen- he came to sit in my lap, quiet for a few seconds, and then suddenly started talking excitedly about their trip to the Vitagen factory. and then the jolly old Gavin that i knew so well returned- asking me all the questions under the sun.

oh how i miss them sitting in my lap.

and i was almost jealous not being there at the Vitagen factory with them.

my boss just texted me, saying Adriana cried when she told her mom at home about meeting me in school. the poor girl. i feel bad for leaving, really.

its nice to know that im missed and that i've played a part of their lives, even if it was the tiniest. Its nice to know that they appreciate me, cause teaching in a kindergarden is really tiring! and yes, i appreciate them too, cause they've played a big part in my life as well..

what can i say? 3 months in the kindy was seriously draining, low pay, irrelevant to my studies and my boss was kinda squeezing us dry, but the kids made it an wonderful experience :)

the memories,
they're heartwarming, thats what it is.


Anonymous said...

Teacher Mei, that's cute. :)

happy.pig said...

thats wht day call meeeeee <3