Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i scribbles

so school's been pretty busy, what with the crazy amounts of assignments and all. I really don't mind the work but it gets depressing after a while when your only answer to friend's "what you doing" is "assignments".

who knew sem 2 would have twice the workload compared to sem 1. freaking blogposts. ok yeah so yeah i was prepared for sem 2 to be crazier then sem 1, but still its gonna be a challenge especially with my new work schedule and all. so far my no procrastination resolution is erm, resolutionized. haahha

I start work with 8tv again tomorrow. I've had a nice one month break while they sorted out some issues and now that everything is sorted out, I am coming back to the streets yo! sorry, me trying to sound ghetto just doesnt work. anyways, the new work schedule is wacked. its double the time and hours then a month ago, which is making me worry coz God forbid my studies get disturbed. I really looking forward to get back to work but not so much the driving up and down round and about everyday! and it also means that my dancing shows and all has to be cut cut cut cut down :( well at least i've had my fair show of shows last month :) No worries, college always comes first, everything else revolves around assignments, as my mum, dad, and brothers wont stop reminding me.

which leads me to another point! being the youngest in the family means extra pressure from your older siblings so you people who have little bros and sis go easy on them kay! and you guys out there thats the youngest, I FEEL YOUR PAIN! but still, i love my bros coz one feed me buffalo wings and the other feed me well, crudely speaking, money. so remember, always feed your siblings food.

and, i pretty certain my dogs are gay. or at least bisexual. i have 3 male dogs- Floppy, Bibi, and Puppy. Puppy wont stop humping Floppy. and, the pigeon died. COZ FREAKING PUPPY BIT HIS HEAD AND INJURED HIM. stupid dogs. and the fishtank in the living room went beserk, broke, and 6 fish died. my grandpa is gonna flip at the sight of missing fishtank when he returns from Medan.

R.I.P dear pigeon and fishies.


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