Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stereophonics rocked my sawks off

speak up i can't hear deaf in one hear, the other ear is ringing.
my throat is sore,
tired,but I'm super duper satisfied.
Stereophonics was da shit. awesomest shit ever.

my craving for good live music finally fulfilled,
finally got to scream my heart out,guitar pick as a souvenier (used by the band themselves!),
it felt like i was serenaded by 5 hot guys, damn they're hot,
i was only a few feet away from the stage,i got to put my hands up in the air and wave it like i don't care,
it was worth every single 780 cent spent,
the only and perfect holiday I needed from this working "holiday",
stress reliever to the max,maybe its just cause I love the band,
however you want to put it,tonight's concert was supercagefragelistic.

Lead guitarist and backing vocalist Adam Zindani

Lead singer Kelly Jones and Bassist Richard Jones
Drummer Javier Weyler

Far left: Keyboardist Tony Kirkham whom the crowd sang happy birthday to

the band from Welsh, UK came in from their NZ/Aussie Tour

ahhh, I am relaaaaxxeeeddd and happy :)

Now all I have to do is wait for them to come back again!

and you people, go listen to Stereophonics.

I got a guitar pick the band used as a souvenier, Grace got a pick, the set list, and one drumstick ahhah


Anonymous said...

You got the guitar pick? Lucky you! Feh!

Chu Mei Fong said...

jealous!! :P