Tuesday, April 20, 2010

whack it.

i am officially going to be a contestent on 8tv's game show Whack it. its a game show about pretty sexy competing against pretty girls for the grand prize. Call me a hypocrite but I just realized that I am supporting a show that objectifies women as sex objects and beauty products. Im sorry but the only thing that was going through my head when i agreed was : fuck it la, its gonna be fun. why not?

so here I am, waiting to go for the Whack It shooting tomorrow.

I didnt mind when they paired me up with 2 strangers, but pitting me against my colleagues is a bit fucked up laaa ... But its ok, my aim was to go have fun humilaiting myself on tv anyways!

so yeah, when the show is out on tv, u can call and tell me how ridiculous i look hahahahah

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